Big Brands

Every company knows the value of its own brand and Dickinsons is no exception. To us the Dickinsons brand and the Interior Desire brand are the very essence of the things we believe in, the values and principles that guide us and the commitments and responsibilities to our customers and staff. They represent our commitment to strong, traditional values at the same time as our commitment to design excellence and ensuring that we deliver the dream for our clients.

So much so that we have registered the Dickinsons brand and the Interior Desire brand as trademarks to ensure that no-one can mislead you by producing inferior goods and services that may be mistaken as our own.

Our brands have been built through consistently delivering great quality, great products and great service and by surpassing the expectations of those who buy from us. Strong brands are not created overnight, and ours have been built up by delivering excellence since 1878, and being at the forefront of the Interior Design sector. Dickinsons is truly an inspirational, modern designer brand.

Because we've built up our own brands over many years we have the full knowledge and understanding of what makes other big brands in our sector so good. There are not too many big brands left in the furniture and flooring sectors, but those that still stand for something unique, or something of excellence still have our support and we believe are worthy of offering to you as they will add something really special to your home. In fabrics and soft furnishings, there are more unique styles and "handwriting" that have been continually updated and strengthened, and we are delighted to offer the best of these, including all of the latest collections hot off the press – often even before they appear in London at Chelsea harbour!