Real Wood Flooring

There is surely no greater liberty than the freedom to develop your own individuality. Our homes are not just places we live in; they are authentic expressions of the various facets of our individuality. Wood floor coverings provide a versatile "stage" for these utterly personal living spaces. The diverse wood species, colour nuances, surface textures and decors ensure that entire worlds are literally laid at your feet – delve into the possibilities and make your wishes come true.

Real wood flooring has continued to be the choice of many, as it is a natural product with its own individual character.Real wood flooring includes both solid wood, and engineered boards.

Solid wood is exactly as it says, being made from solid wood from top to bottom with either an oiled or lacquered finish. This comes in various thicknesses, with options on plank width and length, as well as colour. Solid wood is completely individual, as each plank has its own character and appearance. The most popular colour is medium oak, but there is an increasing trend towards darker, more striking colours, creating an "antique" look.

Engineered parquet boards have a manufactured base (which actually gives the board more stability), on top of which there is a wood "wear layer" which again can be oiled or lacquered, providing a stunning individual look for your room.

The flooring advisors at Dickinsons are fully trained to advise you on which type of product would be most suitable for your needs, and to explain the different types, sizes and finishes available.