Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring provides an extremely cost-effective way to cover your floor in areas where water can be a problem. Available in various finishes including "wood plank", "stones" and other bright and funky designs this type of flooring is great in kitchens and bathrooms.

What to look for.

  • If you are concerned about slipping in wet areas, you should ensure that the vinyl has an R10 anti-slip coating. If there is an infirm person in the house, then you may even need to consider safety flooring, which has superb slip resistance and is also used in commercial environments.
  • Vinyls come in various thicknesses, so if you want a more luxurious feel underfoot, go for a thicker vinyl.
  • Different vinyls have different "wear layers" and come with various wear guarantees. If you are laying it in a heavy traffic flow area, go for the thickest wear layer.