Why re-upholster?
If you have a favourite sofa, or a family heirloom that is looking tired, then it is possible to restore most items back to their original condition. With thousands of fabulous fabrics to choose from, and the opportunity to replace cushion/seat interiors at the same time, we can create a "new" piece of furniture exactly to your liking. The transformation can be fantastic!
You also have the benefit of knowing that your furniture fits the room it is in perfectly, and you know that the look and style you have is in keeping with your home.

What about the cost?
Re-upholstery is not a cheap option, as it costs more to strip furniture back to the frame and then re-build and re-cover it, than it does simply to produce new furniture. However, whilst the monetary cost may be higher, you are in reality re-cycling your furniture and saving cutting down more trees for a new frame, and producing steel for new springs.

Our Re-upholstery workrooms
In order to give you an accurate cost for the re-upholstery work, we will initially give you an estimate based on a photograph of your furniture and approximate size, and the fabric that you have chosen. Once we have your instruction to produce an exact quote we will uplift your furniture and take it to our upholstery workrooms for a fixed price. Once you give us an instruction to proceed we then complete the works using our quality upholsterers, and return the furniture back to you in a fabulous condition that you will be proud of for years to come.